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Wirewound melt blown filter used when we should pay attention to what the details

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  In the filtering operation, the function of the filter and the anti-blowing and cleaning is directly reflected in the change of the pressure drop of the wirewound filter, and the pressure drop is related to the filtering function of the wire wound filter bag, which is the primary factor affecting the long period of stable operation The
  The primary problem with the presence of the wirewound filter is the retention of the dust in the filter fiber layer, the incomplete and non-uniform cleaning of the pulse, which results in poor regeneration of the filter bag and the increase in the residual pressure drop. Large, reducing the use of the filter bag power and longevity. At home and abroad have been on the wirewound filter separation mechanism for a lot of research, but these studies will be the first to meet the stability of the filter during the pre-filter operation of the unsteady operation of the reported little.
  Filter element
  Filter element
  The process of over-construction during the pre-filtration period is different from the filtering process during the period of stability. The influence factors are relatively large, and the change of the pressure drop is relatively large, which directly affects the subsequent filtering operation. Because the pressure is a direct reflection of the basic parameters of the filtering process.
  Filter in a single filter bag test device on the primary query filter process, the filter speed and staff concentration changes on the pressure drop bag, the key query filter during the filter before the remaining pressure changes in the characteristics of the pulse backflush system for the program , Reasonable pulse parameters to pick the supply basis.

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