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Filter device quality directly affects the filtering effect

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  Under normal circumstances, in order to improve the quality of water outflow, people will let the tap water flow through a lot of filter equipment, so when we buy water purifier, the first thing to see is a few filter water purifier. Level 1 and 2 of the water purifier only one and two filter equipment, the basic market is out of the product, filtered out of the poor water quality, so the best filter we do not buy, because the quality of filter equipment for the filter Filtering effect is a direct impact, so you buy the quality of the filter, but the use of the filter, the latter part of the problem is also very much, the effect of filtering will be greatly affected, so we need to consider this issue.
  A three or four filter water purifier, PP in the first filter device when the filter or hollow fiber, then the use of a period of time after the need to be replaced, because PP cotton and hollow fiber can not be cleaned , So the need for frequent change, otherwise it will cause the filter device blockage, and the blockage will rot, fermentation, smelly, making the filtered tap water by the second pollution.
  We buy water purifier, the best choice for high-quality filter equipment, such as precision ceramic filter equipment. In the water purifier, the precision ceramic filter device must be used as the first stage of the filter device filter use, so that all the impurities in the water, bacteria can be blocked in the ceramic filter surface, spent a period of time, only need to clean, To replace. And in the outlet of the last filter device to a precision of 0.01 microns, you can filter as much as possible in the water bacteria and viruses.

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