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The quality of the filter should be identified from what aspects

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  Speaking of the filter may be we are not particularly familiar with, do not even understand its role, so we can not very good identification of the quality of the filter, the filter directly affect the quality of the filter effect, then how to determine the quality of the filter Mainly from the following two aspects:
A look filter material
  Air filter The main filter material is filter paper, filter filter paper is now mainly used in domestic paper and imported paper, whether domestic or imported paper is a good filter performance, and fake filter using low-quality filter paper, can not prevent the dust into the engine, thus affecting the engine normal work. General authentic filter filter paper color uniform, relatively flat paper; and poor quality filter paper color is not uniform, paper hair, texture is poor.
  Folding filter
  Folding filter
  Second look at the filter gel
  Today, the structure of the general filter filter and rubber adhesive composition, and true and false filter gel is also different. Genuine filter rubber texture is better, flexible, and fake filter rubber soft, poor texture. It is easier to identify the method is to fold the air filter, loose after the genuine filter quickly restored to the original state, and fake filter due to rubber texture problems, and filter paper bonding is not good, fold the middle of the traces of obvious.
  The above simple to introduce the basic method to determine the quality of the filter, from the above test method we can easily see that in determining the quality of the filter when the need to carefully observe the product packaging and materials, meticulous in order to accurately determine.

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