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Introduction to the Factors Influencing the Service Life of Filter

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  We know that there are many factors that affect the life of the filter element, one of which is the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil itself, the hydraulic system at the target cleanliness can try to avoid the system due to pollution caused by component wear and prolong the system life. The use of oil is purified to the life expectancy of the hydraulic system, and contamination does not constitute any failure in the system to determine the target.
  The service life of the filter element is also related to its own performance. If the filter element is used with high precision, the higher the filtration precision, the shorter the filter life. High precision filter. It is not advisable to control the size and quantity of contaminated particles, but it is not advisable to use the hydraulic system efficiently. We must choose the filter according to the target cleanliness.
  The service life of the filter element is an important problem in the actual hydraulic system. Especially, under the condition of high pollution condition, the failure of the filter element and the failure of the hydraulic system caused by it are especially prominent. Frequent replacement of the filter. Affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

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