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Filtration equipment in the automotive industry specific application

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  Speaking of filtration equipment we should be no stranger to its main role from its literal meaning we should also be able to understand. The application of this equipment is very wide, as in the automotive field it has the following two aspects of the application.
  1, air filter
  The engine in the course of work to absorb a lot of air, if the air without filtration, which will accelerate the piston dust and cylinder wear. Larger particles into the piston and the cylinder, but also cause serious "pull cylinder" phenomenon. The role of air filter equipment is to filter out the air of dust, particles, to ensure that the cylinder into the foot, clean air.
  2, gasoline filter
  Gasoline filter equipment is the role of the engine to provide clean fuel, filter out the gasoline moisture and impurities. So that the engine performance to optimize, but also for the machine to provide the best protection. Usually, in the car maintenance, the operating staff will be based on the specific circumstances of the car to do other checks, but also increase the other maintenance items, such as engine-related system inspection cleaning maintenance, tire positioning inspection, the inspection of the fastening parts and so on.

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