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PP melt blown filter production line

Filter equipment

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  With small size, high efficiency, but because of its small capacity, low filtration rate, can not handle large air volume, narrow range of applications. As the emergence of new filter and dust removal equipment design improvements, filter-type dust removal equipment in the application of dust gradually increased. Filter-type dust removal equipment features are as follows:
  ① due to the use of filter media, layout density, dust removal equipment, compact structure, small size, filter performance requirements of large rigidity;
  ② filter height is small, easy installation, the use of maintenance workload is small;
  ③ Compared with the same volume of dust removal equipment, the filter area is relatively large, the filter wind speed is small, the resistance is not;
  ④ filter folding requirements at both ends of the strict seal, can not have leaks, otherwise it will reduce the effect.

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