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PP melt blown filter production line

Automatic groove machine, hook the surface does not require the second hair

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  1. Environmental protection, dust-free, no noise (lower angle for the paper);
  2. For the gray cardboard, industrial cardboard, MDF V groove, cardboard V groove high precision, fast tool efficiency;
  3. Small models, small footprint, low energy consumption (total 2.2KW), out of the V tank without burrs, no dust, out of a root of waste can be recycled;
  4. Automatically feed the cardboard into the machine for slotting, can adjust a variety of different angles, out of a more exquisite products;
  5. Special equipped with a sharpening machine, grinding a knife to be 2 to 3 minutes, 10 hours to produce about 15,000 boxes (using a sharpening machine on the workers without technical requirements).

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