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PP melt blown filter production line

Automatic pressing machine

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  1. Crimp machine stability and stability of the machine using vacuum tube, the output power is stable, the oscillation rate of the international industrial band 27.12MHz, the output week in line with international standards.
  2. Press the word machine powerful head, the pressure can be adjusted: the head design using the toggle to promote the principle of lever, can make the pressure uniform, smooth up and down, the head pressure can be adjusted to the severity of different welding depth Of the need, coupled with a double spring, pedal force light and pressure standards, so that products can maintain good results, especially for difficult products. Pneumatic devices can also be selected.
  3. Crimping machine to avoid radio interference device: a high frequency frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device, the high-frequency interference down to low.
  4. Crimping machine output power: the machine uses low-loss coaxial resonator, so the output power is strong, can quickly make the product welding, greatly improve production.
  5. Pressing the word safety device: When the current load exceeds the limit value, the overload current relay will automatically cut off the high voltage, protect the oscillation tube and rectifier, the machine has a high sensitivity of the spark suppressor, and can avoid by improper Operation caused by the frequency drift, so that the electrode and material damage reduced to low warning lights also light warning.
  6. Pressing machine heating device: stepless heating thermostat device, according to the production needs of different products, adjustable temperature, so that work more efficient.

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