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Folding end cap curing production line

Folding end cover curing line 2

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Folding filter end cap is used for folding paper filter, non-woven folding filter PVC end of the production of professional equipment, the principle is the use of PVC material in the heating to reach the curing temperature after the formation of the irreversible process, the folded filter paper or Non-woven fabric, fixed in the mold material, and then after heating curing, cooling, stripping, complete production. The solid line contains parts such as automatic glue, heating, cooling module, custom mold, drive and control system.
  The main parameters
  Production capacity: 1500 ~ 3800 pcs / day (24 hours, 10 ")
  Installed power: 29 KW
  Installation dimensions: 8000x1500x1800mm
  Equipment characteristics

  - The use of stainless steel rotor pump, especially for high viscosity boring delivery, to maintain the quality of colloidal material without change; - Inverter control material pressure, feeding time to adjust the amount of glue

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