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Filter material

Coconut shell filter

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  Selection of high quality water for coconut shell activated carbon (filter effect is not ordinary coal carbon filter can ratio). Have excellent adsorption properties; filter out residual chlorine in tap water and some of the compounds in water to form trihalomethanes (which is recognized as carcinogens). Can effectively remove the toxic and harmful substances in the liquid: heavy metals, pesticides, particles, rust, chlorine, heterochromatic smell and so on.
  Specifications: Length: 10 inches (254mm / 250mm) 20 inches (508mm / 500mm) 30 inches (762mm / 750mm) 40 inches (1016mm / 1000mm)
  Diameter: 65mm
  Inner diameter: 30mm
  Accuracy: 1um ~ ~ 10um
  Technical indicators:
  Iodine adsorption value: ≥ 900mg / g
  Benzene adsorption capacity: 20-25%
  Methylene blue adsorption value: 13-16ml / g
  COD removal rate: 58.25%
  Residual Chlorine Removal Rate: ≥96.83% and can handle up to 3,750 gallons of water (in the case of 0.2PPM chlorine content as a fixed value) to effectively remove more than 95% VOCs of volatile organic matter) up to 3,750 gallons. Similar products: 10-inch plug-in PP cotton core plug-in activated carbon filter plug-in particle carbon filter

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