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Filter material

Folding paper filter

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  Multi-fold filter made of polyester fiber cloth, with good mechanical properties and sunlight, high temperature performance, strong acid strength is not affected in the hot alkali strength will be affected. As a result of polyester fiber cloth made of high tensile strength. The filter media, center rods, and end caps are glued together as an integral part to ensure better closure of the end caps. Due to its folding design, the filter area is provided to provide a larger filtration area, extend the life of the filter, reduce the number of filter updates, and reduce the filtration costs , From the industrial point of view is an economical filter products.

  Technical specifications
  Filtration accuracy: 5μm-50μm
  Filter length: 5 ", 10", 20 ", 30", 40 "
  Filter diameter: 70mm, 114mm
  Filter diameter: 28mm
  Maximum operating temperature: 37.8 ℃
  Maximum working pressure: 4.0bar
  Application areas:
  Industrial water, electroplating solution
  Chemical agents, pharmaceutical pre-filtration
  Chemical raw materials, organic solvent filtration
  Food and drinking water
  Swimming pool filter

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